Hydration Refill Station for Construction and Events

Introducing the WaterFillz Hydration Station! Specifically designed for construction sites and event spaces, this innovative water refill station offers a comprehensive solution to complex water supply challenges.

Here’s why you’ll appreciate its performance:

  1. Portability: Equipped with castor wheels, the Hydration Station is effortlessly transportable through any public area or worksite.
  2. Durability: Crafted from high-grade steel with a protective powder coat finish, this unit can withstand rugged terrains and demanding environments.
  3. Ease of Use: Simply plug in the unit and attach a portable hose – no complicated setup required.
  4. Advanced Filtration: The station’s filtration process adheres to and surpasses NFS and ADA standards. Internally, it’s constructed from approved food-grade materials, ensuring safe and clean drinking water.
  5. Cost-Effective: Organizations can meet environmental and safety standards without breaking the bank. The Hydration Station offers an affordable alternative to existing water supply programs.

New for 2024

WaterFillz has introduced an exciting addition to their water refill stations: a 15-inch screen with interactive touch capabilities. Here are the key features:

  • Wi-Fi Enabled: The screen is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for seamless communication and updates.
  • Software and Security Management: WaterFillz provides software that enables interactive features. Users can access directories, schedules, and digital messages.
  • Ideal for Various Settings: This 15-inch screen is suitable for Tourism Visitor Centers, Event Organizers, Campus Events, and Construction Sites.
  • Parent Company: WaterFillz is backed by Quick Media, a supplier of signage and software.

This innovative addition enhances user experience and provides valuable information to those using WaterFillz stations. Whether it’s displaying event schedules or promoting local attractions, the interactive screen offers versatility and convenience.

  • Welded 14 gauge steel body, housing a commercial temperature controlled marine grade air cooled compressor
  • Rapid recovery coil induction cooling
  • Commercial 3M ice cube water filter with 20,000 liter through put
  • Custom insulated 40 liter reservoir sleeve
  • Connect to municipal water supply
  • Heavy no mark castors
  • Two sided dispense
Christopher Kohl
Assistant Project Manager, Lendlease

“We purchased the WaterFillz Hydration Station for a large commercial building project In New York to reduce the plastic water bottle usage on site. This unit is super durable and easy to transport throughout the job site as it is situated on heavy castor wheels. It is also very simple to use, as it only requires a power cord and hose to work. The unit received a lot of use from our crew members as the water comes out very cold. This is a great product to incentivize alternative options to single-use plastics.”

Save money. Save bottles. Save time.

Packaged water, as compared to tap water, is approximately 200 times more expensive for the same amount of water, has a higher embodied carbon footprint, generates more waste, and contains more micro-plastic pollutants that are harmful to human health.

Neha Sood, Director of Sustainability
Rochester Institute of Technology